Chaplain’s Corner: Spectacular Vs. The Practical

The modern day Church has gotten so wrapped up in the “Spectacular” that it has walked away from the "Practical.”  We are so caught up in the goose bumps, chills, thrills, running, shouting, and falling out, that we have stepped right out of the anointing into entertainment.  Ministers have made a bunch of “sugar babies” out of our congregations and when trouble hits, they have no substance to sustain them and they leave the Church.  That’s why the back door of the Church is bigger than the front door.  It’s like a mother feeding her infant child sweet pears, the child will eat it up, but feed that child some vegetables and watch the child spit it out.  A good parent will scoop the veggies off the face of the child and shove it back into the child’s mouth until they eat it.  That’s also the same job of a Pastor!  This generation is more interested in the “sizzle” but not the steak.  We will judge sermons on the presentation and not on the substance.

King David was an example.  Our tendency is to focus on “Spectacular David,” this boy king that was brought out of the sheep fields and made king, killed the giant, was a song writer, great warrior, and the star of Israel.  Yet we fail to see what got him there.  It was “Practical David;” who was faithful to his God out in the fields when all by himself, faithful to his father, his brothers, and king Saul.

When David first became king, his first order of business was to bring back “The Ark of God.”  What was important to you as a child will bear fruit as an adult.

2 Sam. 6: 1-15 “David gathered all the chosen men of Israel, 30 thousand… and all the people went with him.” David was so caught up in the “Spectacular” that he forgot the “Practical.” David was doing the right thing but going about it the wrong way!  David even put “The Ark of God on a new cart” and David forgot to read God’s instructions for moving the Ark of God.  The Ark started to fall and Uzzah and one of David’s men went to grab it “and the anger of the Lord was kindled against Uzzah; and God smote him there by the Ark of God.”  David became “displeased” with God and left the Ark of God with Obededom’s house.  From the natural view point we can understand why David was displeased, after all, David was trying to do God’s will and it got someone killed.  David’s flesh was also embarrassed because this was his first official act as King and this happened in front of over 30 thousand people.

David got so caught up in the “Spectacular” he forgot to read God’s instructions on how to move The Ark of God, the “Practical.”  Some of us like David might think that God should have understood and cut him some slack, but we must remember that God is God and we are not!  God has a reason in everything He does is for our benefit.  The problem with the modern day Church today; we think God should understand our sexual affairs, addictions, unfaithfulness and ordaining people who have no right in the pulpits of God’s House. We have become like the Children of Israel creating our own “golden calf.”  We want God to look like what we want Him to look like and we’ll spend His gold getting it done.

Isa. 55:8-9 “my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” We must learn to follow God’s instructions, His way and not our own. 

Until next time, keep your face in the wind and your kickstand up. To be found faithful, Pastor Ron Founder of Covenant Confirmers Ministries Inc. Founder of Tennessee Biker Medical Clinic Inc. N.COC State Chaplain Member of NCOM Christian Unity Council


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