Status: Non-Profit Organization 501C-3


VISION: As we preach the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit we fully expect to be a major part of bringing in the End-Time harvest of souls and confirming God’s Covenant with His people. Our heartbeat is to minister to those; others think are unreachable, through the Word of God thereby making a mark that cannot be erased! The scripture we stand on is Luke 4:18 and Mat. 25:23 CREDENCE: We trust, and believe the Holy Bible as the inerrant, divinely inspired Word of God. We believe Jesus Christ to be the Holy Son of God, born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, and died sacrificially through crucifixion for the sins of all mankind and rose again the third day. We trust in the completed work of the cross to bring forgiveness of sin through the grace that God provided for us all in and by His Son’s shed blood. We believe this complete forgiveness is available to “whosoever will” call upon His name according to John 3:16. We endeavor to minister the entire Word of God according to Hebrews 11:6. It is our belief that sin, sickness and poverty are curses of the fall of man, and that in Jesus Christ we no longer have to remain subject to them. We believe in the indwelling, infilling work of the Holy Spirit manifested by the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

BY-LAWS: for M/C and M/M

Covenant Confirmers Ministries Inc. jealously guards the Ownership, the Integrity & the Reputation of its Registered Trade Mark Colors, Logo, and Name. No one may reproduce, display, use, or wear the Colors, Logo, or Name without Written Permission. Therefore this privilege is not offered Lightly, must never be Neglected and is not for sale at any price! Covenant Confirmers Ministries Inc. is a Ministry of Excellence, and only Recognizes Excellence.

1) There will be no other chapters in or outside of the state of Tennessee

2) One must be a member of the Church: Covenant Confirmers Ministries Inc

3) There will be four mandatory events each year: all members must attend.

  • The New Year’s Eve Party (Dec.31st)
  • The TN. COC-NCOM Christian Unity Conference (February)
  • The Annual Motorcycle Rally (1st Sat. in June)
  • Open House (late Sept. or Oct.)

4)Qualifications for Membership: Motorcycle Ministry (M/M)

  • All perspective members must “Probate” for one year before full patch membership in the M/M.
  • All Probates must prove their faithfulness with a 70% attendance rate before full patch membership in the M/M.
  • All Probates must be a Tither to the Church ministry before full patch membership in the M/M.
  • Probates will not be asked to do anything against the Word of God.
  • All probates must be active in the Motorcycle Ministry in the probationary year.
  • All Tennessee M/M(s) must be a member of Covenant Confirmers Church
  • Must be a born again Christian.
  • Must be 18 years of age for the M/M.
  • No partaking of alcohol or illegal drugs at any time.
  • No future felony convictions.
  • Men and women can obtain membership in the M/M 1 Cor.12:13.
  • All nationalities are welcome.
  • All motorcycles are welcomed (as long as it can keep up/ not a danger to others).
  • A member of the M/M does not have to own a motorcycle.
  • Finial approval by the National Founder and the Board of Directors (M/C members)

5) Qualifications for Membership: Motorcycle Club (M/C)

  • Must be a member of the M/M for a period of 1 year (1yr for probates-1yr for
  • M/M-2yrs for M/C)
  • Only men can be members of the M/C.
  • Must be 21 years of age for the M/C.
  • No law enforcement officers in the M/C
  • All M/C are to be men of valor, character and integrity, Judges 6:12.
  • All M/C are subject to the public.
  • All M/C must first meet all the requirements of the M/M
  • All M/Cs must be a member of Covenant Confirmers Ministries Church.
  • All M/Cs must be head of his household 1 Tim.3:1-5.
  • Must own a motorcycle.
  • Final approval is by the National Founder and the Board of Directors (M/C members)

6) The challenge is not in getting these colors, it’s in keeping them!

7) Honorary Memberships

  • Only the National Leader may bestow an “Honorary Membership”.
  • Members of the “Five Fold Ministry” Eph. 4:11.
  • Members of the “Praise and Worship Band”.

8) Cost

  • Vest w/colors-$200.00 ea. Colors only-$160.00 ea. (5 patches w/embroidery patch).
  • This is a one time, life time membership fee, and is non-refundable.
  • All the colors (membership patch) must be purchased from the national office.
  • These colors (membership patch) are not transferable or to be reproduced.
  • All Membership patches remain the property of CCMI and can be revoked for breaking
  • By-Laws or by the sole discretion of the National Founder.
  • All patches must appear on a black leather vest
  • If a member has been disciplined two times in one year by the charter president,
  • that member may be placed on probation and could lose their membership rights.
  • Only the National Founder can revoke a membership.
  • The National Founder can revoke a membership for any offense.
  • CCMI National Office reserves the right to pull a member’s patch.

11) A good Shepard (leader) leads the sheep and does not beat the sheep.

  • If a member back slides it is the officers responsibility (within reason) to restore that member.

12) Charter motorcycle runs:

  • All members must ride in columns of two.
  • The founder will ride in the front on the right hand side
  • The president will ride in the front of the pack on the left hand side.
  • All M/Cs will ride in the front
  • All M/Ms will ride behind the M/Cs
  • All Probates, hang-arounds, and guest must ride in the back
  • The pack must never be divided.
  • The pack leaves together and stays together, it never separates
  • The pack never leaves a member behind “I’ll never leave you nor forsake you”).

13) All the current By-laws can be amended by the National Founder at any given time.

All chapter members will receive a copy of any changes in the By-Laws amended. anifirediv

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